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In The Spirit of Afua Kouyate

Afua is a Graduate of Antioch University Seattle, receiving her Academic Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. Afua’s inspiration and concentration is in Cultural Arts Leadership, Emphasizing Therapeutic Engagement. Her diversity in training with Cultural arts historians, masters and teachers allows her to create and choreograph African dance and creative movements that spring from her magical ability to stimulate, excite and flow with the rhythms of the drums. While currently working with Spectrum Dance Theatre, Afua has recently Co-founded a new Cultural Arts Development that is based out of Seattle Washington, named Kouyaté Arts.


Kouyaté Arts is an interactively intriguing and amazing experience of the arts, music, dance, culture and life of the people of West Africa. Afua oversees management, choreography and artistic leadership. In the past 30 years, Afua has been an integral part of keeping cultural arts and entertainment vibrant in the Pacific Northwest and abroad. She is dedicated to the community and viewed as a leader of cultural arts. In 1986 she co-founded the Adefua African Music & Dance Company, an intergenerational performance company that provides cultural entertainment to the general public. Adefua is known nationally for their gregarious rhythms rooted in African tribal and European court dances presenting traditional West African music, dancing and song.


Throughout it all, Afua's main strength comes from her loving family. Her husband, Aboubacar “Boka”, two daughters; Chisula and Nailah, and her son, Kwame are established and respected performers nationally in the African arts community. She has taught at numerous schools over the years and each learning season ends with a public performance allowing the students a chance to experience the celebration. The drum beats....the music rolls and the dance flows! Awaken your spirit and experience Planet Afua.


The planet where African music and dance magically stimulates excites and soothes your soul while maintaining a unique quality that is pure African culture.



206-722-6602 Office

206-679-7331 Cell

206-722-8711 Fax

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