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Djeliyah Band Videos

Djeliyah Band Videos

Djeliyah Band

Djeliyah Band members bring the beat of mother Africa:

Orchestrated by the multi-talented Djely Aboubacar “Boka” Kouyaté from Guinea in West Africa, The Djeliyah Band began February 2015 in Seattle, Washington. The name Djeliyah means; the work of the Djely people in the community. Djely’s or Griots have always been next to the Kings in the Mande Empire as Cultural Educators, the traditional historians, artist and musicians of Culture.


Boka connects this rich traditional music to Global music; a harmonic fusion between the traditional Griot music, the afro beat and the modern Guinea music which provides a highlife sound for your listening and dancing pleasure.

The band has played at the Nectar Lounge, Rumba Notes Lounge, Festival Sundiata, Columbia City Theatre, The Triple Door, and during The Movie showcase for “ROOTS”.

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Dancer, Vocals, Management, Bookings

DB RICARDO-04.jpeg

Drums, Percussions, Vocals

Foluso 2020.jpg
Foluso Mimy


DB LEIF-05.jpeg
Leif Totusek

Solo Guitarist,


2015-04-13 22.29.33.jpg
nailah 2020.jpg
DB  Gallery-07.jpeg

Lead Vocals, Djembé Drum,  Ballaphon, Guitar

Nailah Bulley



Daniel Miller

Bass Guitar

Karim Koumbassa

Doundoun, Ngoni, Gongoma, Dancer, Vocals

DB  Gallery-07.jpeg
Naby Camara

Doundoun, Ngoni, Gongoma, Dancer, Vocals

Photo Gallery

Ricardo Guity
 Trap D
rums, Vocals

Video Gallery

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